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Required Documents

Required Documents

The required documents will be different from country to country but all documents are required to meet the approved formality of the labour department government of Nepal.
     For Middle-East Countries       For European Countries      For Asian Country
       I. SAUDI ARABIA                                  I. ROMANIA                                     I. Malaysia
      II. U.A.E                                                      II. CROATIA
     III. QATAR                            
      IV. KUWAIT

The various documentation process followed by our organization are as follows: -

1. Demand Letter
A copy of demand letter from the employer containing all details of vacancy e.g.  type of workers required nature and number of workers, salary, qualification and  experience and other terms and condition of service and benefits which the employer would offer.

2. Consular Letter
 A copy of visa advice/consular letter/work permit/N.O.C. etc duly authenticated.

3. Service Agreement
The agreement between Shalmani and Employer   mentioning   recruiting   terms and conditions.

4. Power of Attorney
A copy of power of attorney duly authenticated by the ministry of foreign affairs of Ministry of labour from the country of the employer in labour of the recruitment agency to act on his behalf.

5. Employment Agreement
A specimen copy of employment contract of service agreement mentioning wages offered and schedule of benefits including accommodation, food, medical facilities leave etc.

6. Guarantee Letter
The guarantee from the employers that all workers sent to them will work within that country only. Nobody will send out of the country
Note: -
This demand letter/Power of Attorney   must   be  duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and finally attested by the Nepalese Embassy existing in the country of employment and Letter of Authority/ Inter party Agreement/Employment Agreement/Guarantee Letter must be attested by the Nepalese embassy.